Oct. 7th, 2015

So where were we?

I finished the move to Edinburgh last week. Actually this means that I finished moving all of the boxes and bags. The boxes and bags are now all over the new flat, to the extent that I can't move them or even imagine where I'll move them to. Obviously this can't continue, and I'll need to spend time getting organinsed, but stuff.

Tuesday I went to see The Wall (or "Roger Waters The Wall" as it's ungrammatically billed). I;ve never been a prog fan (this said in the tone of "I've never been a fan of ritually slaughtering goats) but this was interesting on a lot of levels. Primarily, for me, the fascist imagery. I'm always put off by black and silver uniforms, great coats, and Nuremburg rallies. Apparently this is an incredibly wrong-headed reading of the show when set aside Pink Floyd's decades of anti-war material. So why wear the fecking armbands?

I managed not to raise this on Thursday, which was my seasonal dialogue night. Topics raised did include Time, age, death and senility. Despite which, it was a cheery conversation. I also managed to cycle into central Edinburgh and back without actually killing myself.

Friday I flew down to London for Dave Gilmour's gig at the Albert Hall. I'd never seen him, I'd never been to the Albert Hall. Both were very impressive, despite showing obvious signs of age. To be honest, I preferred Gilmour's versions of the Pink Floyd songs, mostly because they were songs, and not excerpts from a rock opera.

On Saturday morning I spent three hours sitting on the floor of a train from London to Newcastle. Virgin Trains (may their licence be revoked) hadn't accounted for the fact that Scotland were playing South Africa there, and that some tens of thousands of people would be going, many of them by train. Time passed. I didn't have a ticket for the game, but negotiations with a cheery chap with a limp and a wary eye out for the cops found me on the touchline for what was, apparently, a dire perfomance by Scotland. I didn't see that, personally - I thought they rested some key players, and still pegged back South Africa to seven points late in the game. Next Saturday's game against Samoa is the crunch, obviously.

I stayed in Newcastle on Saturday, and then was driven back to Edinburgh. And then decided to raid my glasgow flat for 5 bookcases I'd left behind. Because that way I might be able to shelve some of my books.

Monday I drove to Inverness, has a six hour meeting, drove back and slept.

Last night was dinner with an old friend, then off to see the new film of MacBeth. A mixed thing. Lots of stunning visuals and set pieces, but I thought it suffered from too many scenes of people standing about while the leads pose in the foreground (when I see these, I always expect to hear Spike Milligan saying "What are we going to do now?) that the emotional tone was fairly flat, and that it had a problem I've had with the last few productions of Shakespeare I've seen - one blood smeared bearded man in black warrior garb looks much the same as another blood smeared bearded man in warrior garb. Worth seeing, though. I thought there was a huge Japanese influence, but then maybe that's just me.

Today is Edinburgh in the morning, Glasgow in the afternoon, and back to Edinburgh tonight.

Oh, I've also been on national TV twice this week, on a quiz show called 15-1. I'll try and get a clip of me flirting with Sandi Toksvik, but if you want to see it it's on Channel 4s catch up site. I was much better on Tuesday's show. 



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