Jul. 31st, 2016

I mean, I'm living in Edinburgh, but it's not the same thing at all, especially with the Festival about to kick off. More of that in a minute, but a general catch-up first.

1. Life as she is lived

I've been off on my holi-bags. Two weeks up in the Lecrin Valley, just south of Granada, in the village of Abunelas. It has Andalucian charm leaking from every white-washed wall, and is the place where the exiled Moors from the Alhambra settled as part of their long defeat and return to Africa. I was reminded of this every few hours, when the Moorish irrigation system sent hundreds of gallons of water underneath our tiny but beautiful house. The temperatures where in the 30s, with no air-conditioning, but the only thing that was in danger of overheating was my ipad, as I raced through a metric shit-ton of books. The living, my friends, was easy.

2. That's the way the money goes...

Work continues to be interesting. While we're waiting on the outcome of the bid I spent most of a year working on, I've been concentrating more on the Smart Cities side of my brief. That's taken me to Eindhoven, Madrid and, er, Cardiff (which is not to diss Cardiff - I only got about 5 minutes to walk around, but it showed up well). I'm off to Manchester and Aberdeen this week, which hopefully won't tire me out before seeing Van Morrison on Wednesday.

3. Yes, that's right, Van Morrison. He's playing the Kelvingrove Bandstand, which is a bit of a wonder. It's an open air venue, as the name suggests an old fashioned bandstand in the middle of a park, about half a mile from where I lived when I lived in Glasgow. I don't know how, but they've also got Tom Jones coming. I have tickets for Van, then a double-header of Lloyd Cole and Justin Currie on Sunday, then Primal Scream the week after that. This overlaps with the Festival kicking off, and that means a comedian this Friday (and maybe the Falsetto Sock Puppets) Dune sometime the week after that, and various other gigs. August will be busy.

4. Born to Write Wrong

And, to top things off, I wrote my first science fiction short-story in about 20 years this summer, for an anthology celebrating 30 years of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers' Circle. It's been accepted, with a bit of a re-write, and I'm looking forward to the launch party now. I'm particularly pleased about that because the GSFWC is the Jonbar Hinge where my life changed. Through membership I met my future ex-wife, my best friend of 25 years standing, and, albeit indirectly, the wonderful person who shared my plunge-pool in the Lecrin Valley. The story started as one of the wist-ending shorts that I specialised in those days, heavily indebted to O Henry and Roger Zelazny. I think it improved in the rewrite (which I finished a couple of hours ago) and I'm really quite proud of it.

5. The road goes ever on...

I'm working on a couple of things now which are pretty exciting, but I don't want to jinx them by mentioning them yet. Hopefully all will be sorted and able to be revealed by the end of August. Change, my dears, is a constant that keeps on expanding.

Which is nice. 



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