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The transition to Edinburgh continues apace.

I've just completed my acclimatisation to the odd-shaped ball game they call rugby. Apparently this involves drinking too much, following a seemingly doomed national team, and watching them fail in heart-rending circumstances. This is close enough to following the round-ball game that I feel I've got a good handle on it already. What it doesn't seem to involve is tribal hatred between teams, so that's strange.

Since I have Holyrood park on my doorstep, and I've registered for a 100km cycling sportif in April, I thought I'd take my bike out yesterday. Yes, the day of torrential rain and Force-7 gales. Suffice to say, it wasn't an unqualified sucess. On the other hand, it can't get worse, can it?

Inclement weather did mean that I spent a lot of the weekend on a sofa watching TV. This included the end of Fargo (totally worth it for Billy Bob Thornton's turn as a diabolic hit-man), the start of The Bridge (I know, I'm late to the party, but I'm enjoying it) and both QI and Have I Got News For You, which I haven't seen in the same weekend since the year dot.

No cinema, though, since there was nothing on that I fancied. SPECTRE was a bit of a let down, and Bridge Of Spies isn't out for a couple of weeks.

OK, my typing fingers are warmed up now, I guess I better get on to one of my three jobs for today. 
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