Not a bad old day for the simple pleasures. The dusting of snow on sodium lit streets when I left for the gym, 30 minutes of honest sweat, and it was more or less full daylight when I reached the office.

The snow looked spectacular, and I left the office an hour early to come home, but it hasn't amounted to much of a problem here. Yet.

This evening was the first of Oran Mor's "A Cocktail, A Canape and a Concert" nights this year, so [ profile] unblinkered  and I waded through a bit of slush to get there. I'm glad we did. Despite the ludicrous new "Maximum 3 Canapes" rule.

Fantastic Mozart, some Mendelssohn I hadn't heard before, and a dozen young wind musicians who will go on to great things.

Afterwards, more or less on a whim, we tried out Paradise, the new Persian restaurant on Great Western Road - excellent service, huge portions (really, really huge portions) and very well priced. We'll be back.

I'm now back home, about to find out that my BMI has gone up since yesterday, and ready for an early night.

Had an early start this morning at work, so I had to be at the gym before seven. Which is probably why I ended up running a full day workshop in my nice Austin Read suit and my View From cross-trainers. Ah well, at least I got off to a quick start.

Gym session was quite good fun, and I'm back up over 390 calories - 400 tomorrow? We'll see.

Food today was porridge, home made Scotch broth, and chicken curry with a low fat sauce, lots of veg and brown rice. I did weaken and have a couple of tuna sandwiches from the buffet at lunch time, but all in all not too bad.
My scales had a surprise for me this morning - if they're accurate (or even consistent) theyshow me down 2.5 kilos since Sunday night.

Although that looks great, and I'm moderately happy I realise that it doesn't necessarily mean I'll be reaching my goal in early March instead of May. For one thing, a lot of that will be water, for another, it takes me down to only a pound heavier than I was before Christmas.

I remember from last time I attempted to lose weight (as opposed to attempting to get into a healthier lifestyle, which is what I'm doing now) that about 3 or 4 kilos went in the first couple of weeks, then it started to slow down (which is when I gave up, because if you aren't getting easy results it isn't worth it, right?).

I'm going to try to get back into a once a week weighing cycle - I'm planning to ease off on the exercise and maybe even have a drink or two over the weekend, so a Monday-Monday measure might be more useful than crying in my soup if I go up between Friday and Monday. My aim over the weekends will be to maintain, not lose weight. We'll see. If that doesn't work, then no slacking at the weekends.

I had a two-snooze morning, so didn't get up until 6.30, and didn't get to the gym until about 7.15. It's noticeably busier then, and I had to use a different cross trainer. Obviously it's miss-calibrated, since I only did about 350 calories this morning. OTOH, I kept my heart rate below 160 for the entire half hour - swings, roundabouts etc.

I was talking to someone at work about the gym yesterday, and she was surprised that I was going every morning. I think it's the only way it works for me, though. This way going is just part of my daily routine, not a big deal. If I start chopping and changing days, then it won't become a habit. If it does become a habit.

Thanks to a combination of soup lunches, bananna snacks and unblinkered's cooking, I'm also above 5 portions of fruit and veg per day.

A combination of that, not eating after nine at night, and no alcohol on week-nights has given me two nights of unbroken sleep in a row. I like that quite a bit. When you're only getting six hours or so, it helps if they're joined up.
Lunchtime update – walked for 20 minutes at 3 mph, which strangely worked out to a mile. Lunch was Covent Garden Minestrone, with the afore-mentioned wholemeal pitta, a cup of tea, and a banana. All very nice, but I could murder a sausage roll…



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