Five questions from[ profile] jen_c_w :

1. If not Scotland, then where else would you want to live in the UK (presuming work considerations aren't an issue)?

I've always said I like living in London, but what I mean is that I like living in reasonably appointed hotels in Mayfair. What I love about London is the diversity and opportunity to participate in a thrilling cultural life. What I hate about it is that everyone ends up living in their own little villages, and trying to summon up the energy after a day spent struggling too and from work on overcrowded and sweaty public transport to make their way into the middle for some of that there culture. So if I could live here, London.

2. What music genre can you absolutely find no redeeming feature in?

Tricky. There are many genres I'm not a huge fan of, (Jazz, Hip-Hop, German oompha-oompha music), but I'm having problems coming up with any I don't have some favourites in. Um. Light opera. Nope, I like some of G&S. Brass bands? Nope, picnics in the park wouldn't be the same without "The Dambuster's Theme" wafting from a bandstand. Hmm. Folk music, then, when it's too reverent.

3. Did you have a midlife crisis - or do you reckon that's still ahead?

I've certainly had a lot of stuff happen in the last two years - a marriage break up, moving 150 miles, a lot of commotion in my personal life, but it does occur to me that I had the same level of change happen when I was 29, (except it wasn't a marriage that time, it was a seven year relationship) so age may not have been a factor. So no, not a mid-life crisis, not yet.

4. Is there anyone you absolutely hate?

No. I think hating anyone is a result of a failure of imagination, in particular a failure in empathy. To hate someone you have to think that they are some sort of monster, and that you could never do what they've done. I think that's an abdication of personal responsibility, as bad in its way as the sort of thinking that lets someone do terrible things. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Having said which, "When they finally lay you in the ground/I'll stand on your grave and tramp the dirt down."

5. What was the best day of your life?

It's cliched and hackneyed, and given the way it all worked out kind of ironic, but, to date, they best day of my life was the day I got married.



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