Or, to be more precise, planning meandering. Which may be an oxymoron.

I have the weekend to myself, and I'm planning to head to Argyll tonight. I feel like doing something once I get there, and without a plan Saturday will mostly be spent in bed (not a bad thing in itself, but...).

So I've taken it into my head to do a bit of a pilgrimage. I mentioned that having my bike back makes me want to plan some long rides, and although there's not enough daylight about just now for me to take on the interesting rides, this is a good time to do some warm ups.

So this weekend I'd like to do something involving islands, ferries, my bike, and isolation.

There are a few (many) alternatives.

The ferry to Islay leaves about 30 minutes down the road from me at 7.00,  which is an ungodly hour and would mean me leaving the cottage not long after 6. On the other hand, that would give me 6 hours on Islay. On the other hand, it's the less interesting part of Islay, away from most habittions. There's only one distillery within a mile of it. On the other, other hand, I can get a ferry straight across to Jura, and do the seven miles up to their distillery (and hotel).

So that's an option.

I could also go to Gigha, which is lovely, if a bit small.

Longer ferry trips to Coll or Tiree are best left to the longer days, I think.

There are a few other bike trips that don't involve islands, and a lot more if I take the bike in the car to a starting point.

Hmm. More thought needed. But I'll definitely throw some cycling clothes in the car tonight.

Anyone have any suggestions?



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