Oct. 24th, 2005

Actually, they call in pissing down and muddy Monday, but that doesn't scan so well. A very quiet weekend, livened up slightly by watching the Hitch-hikers Guide movie on Saturday. A worthy enough translation on to the screen, good performances, and nice to see that the last image on the screen is DNA's physog, but it didn't really add anything to the book or the radio play or the TV series (well, except for an effects budget). I chuckled at all the familiar stuff, and so did Mikey, who was being exposed to the stuff for the first time. So watch it if you haven't read the book, heard the radio series or seen the t.v. version, and watch it anyway, even if you have.

Rest of the weekend was a bit of a snooze. I didn't get to the cottage, exercise was restricted to two long walks with Merlin (went to the beach on Saturday, so Scooby is now full of sand) and trying to get my chess rating back up over 1400 (narrowly failed).

Just realised that I've forgotten to bring my iPod up with me this week - so either I exercise to the sound of 6 treadmills, or do a 180 mile round-trip to the cottage in flooding weather to pick up my Shuffle. I think that's the sound of treadmills I hear...



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