2009-02-02 09:26 pm

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine...

Not a bad old day for the simple pleasures. The dusting of snow on sodium lit streets when I left for the gym, 30 minutes of honest sweat, and it was more or less full daylight when I reached the office.

The snow looked spectacular, and I left the office an hour early to come home, but it hasn't amounted to much of a problem here. Yet.

This evening was the first of Oran Mor's "A Cocktail, A Canape and a Concert" nights this year, so [livejournal.com profile] unblinkered  and I waded through a bit of slush to get there. I'm glad we did. Despite the ludicrous new "Maximum 3 Canapes" rule.

Fantastic Mozart, some Mendelssohn I hadn't heard before, and a dozen young wind musicians who will go on to great things.

Afterwards, more or less on a whim, we tried out Paradise, the new Persian restaurant on Great Western Road - excellent service, huge portions (really, really huge portions) and very well priced. We'll be back.

I'm now back home, about to find out that my BMI has gone up since yesterday, and ready for an early night.