Actually, it's not that bad at all. I fenced last night, after being to the gym in the morning and walking for two miles at lunchtime, and it went quite well - I beat the people I thought I would, and held my own against much better fencers (I also had my first 0-5 defeat in quite a bit, but OTOH I doled out a 5-0 myself, so, swings, roundabouts). 
I'm now seriously considering a Watchmen smiley-face mask for 2009.

 I was a bit twingey this morning (at some point I will have an extended whinge about my bad back, but suffice to say that the recurrence of lower back pain was one of my triggers for losing weight: does not want!). Since I was at the pub (one pint of soda and lime) and didn't get back until almost ten, I stayed up a bit late and also ate late (if healthily). As a result tt was a three snooze morning, so I didn't get to the gym until almost 7.30. I still managed to get a week's best 405 calories on the cross trainer. I'm fairly sure that most of the variation is down to using different machines, since my heart rate has been fairly constantly between 150-160 BPM.

So, unless I get a walk this lunchtime, that's pretty much it for exercise this week. Tonight I'm off to the Vaults (HQ of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society) and then I'll have a lazy day in Edinburgh tomorrow. My goal is not to put on any weight over the weekend, rather than lose any, and then to have a Week One Weigh-In on Monday morning.



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