This week has mostly been dominated by my toothache, but some light is beginning to filter through. As I suspected when I first got it, the swelling and pain is connected to an infection of some form or another, and as my body fights it off, the pain is getting better. I'm trying hard not to use this as an excuse not to go to the dentist tomorrow.

Work has been hectic and a bit stressful. Once again the Spaniards (I for one welcome our Spanish overlords) have flown in, shit all over us, and flown back out again, leaving Fear Uncertainty and Doubt in their wake. Part of this directly affects me - they've shuffled the resource pack on the project, which always makes me wonder if they're going to renew my contract (up at the end of this month) and partly it's just the massive fall-out from completely re-writing The Plan for the umpteenth time. I'm starting to grasp the dynamics this sort of behaviour causes and encourages in the rest of the team - they're subject to illogical demands, and this makes them unstable and illogical themselves. What we got here, boys and girls, is a sick project.

This makes me antsy - although I can quite readily justify my parisitical role as a consultant, I do have a concern for the viability of my host: if it dies, I need to find a new one. And, at the same time, my brain keeps waking up - a throw-away line in an email today led to me thinking about practice, praxis, dialogic and dialectical conversations and "To do is to be." Which makes it quite hard to go back to alligning the boxes in a Powerpoint presentation.

Still, the weekend beckons, and a chance to spend some quiet time at the cottage. Maybe that will help straighten out my head.

Tonight, though, is a work night out, with two rounds of crazy golf and two games of ten-pin bowling. Almost makes me pine for the toothache...



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