Aug. 23rd, 2005

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Well, I don't obviously, but to paraphrase Chickenfeet2003 over in his journal, why don't I feel a hell of a lot worse about it?

I'm being very forgiving on this monstrous cock-up, and it's starting to worry me.

OK, circumstances alter cases: if there hadn't been four successful and four pathetically failed attempt to kill large numbers of civilians recently, I'd definitely be a lot more upset. At the same time, when the police shot someone for the crime of carrying a table leg, I wasn't exactly apoplectic. I thought it was a serious incident, and that we should make sure it couldn't happen again, but I wasn't very worried, and it certainly didn't receive the level of coverage in the media this has.

Maybe it is that in troubled times, when holding liberal democratic values makes you a target for someone else's bombers, those values become more important. We aren't a country, like Brazil, where civilians are regularly shot and killed by the police. When our police exercise the authority we give them, they're accountable for using it responsibly. What's happening now is that we're determining if they did use their power responsibly, and if they didn't they'll be held to account.

We don't have a perfect system. We just have one that's as good as we can make it, and the right to make it better.

These days, apparently, that's something that can get you killed. Any takers on whether it's worth killing for?



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