Sep. 28th, 2005

So Prague, then, while it’s still fresh in the mind.

Me very good mate William King (all round good guy and the Sven Hasselhof of European fantasy) has snared a charming, lovely and clever Czech girlfriend, and, no fool he, was planning to make her his wife. He asked me to do the Best Man thing, (apparently at a Scottish wedding it’s the best man’s duty to throw the first punch) and off we trotted to Prague on Friday.

I haven't been there since the last century, and things were very different then. We were both single, for one thing, and the idea of living in the Eastern Bloc still have a dangerous novelty. Anyway, I still have fond memories of that visit, and one day I really will write the story that starts "It was happy hour at the Marquise de Sade", fictionalising our visit to that pub and to Club Latva, the go-go girls and the Italian Schoolgirls.

This time was altogether more civilised, Direct Squeezy Jet flights from Newcastle saved some time, and the transfer in was painless. We’d booked an apartment in Nerudova, the windy and pictcherskew street that leads up to the castle. This worked out well – we were in walking distance for the wedding, and it turned out that Bill’s family had booked in next door, and Bill and Radka had rented a place a few doors up hill.

The wedding went off like the blueprint for how to commit the perfect marriage: glorious blue skies, a lovely garden venue with a view over Prague’s rooftops, and a burly Czech official to officiate.

Dinner was fine, after a stroll through the streets in full kilt. The kilt got more attention than I had reckoned on, but all good natured, so I could keep the skean dhu in my sock. My speech went over ok, thanks to some translation by Radka’s sister Susanah. She didn’t translate the Czech bits back into English, though, so I left some of the Groom’s side a bit confused.

We sat around in Mala Strana until about 12, when the restaurant closed up around us. Just to put a cap on the evening, some of us wandered over the Charles Bridge at 1 in the morning, when it is quiet enough to become one of the most romantic spots in the world.

All in all, a great weekend. I’ve tried to put up some photos, so we’ll see how that goes.



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