Sep. 1st, 2005

What is it about Argyle that makes clocks stop and me go to bed early?

So far, lots of rain, some sun, two 20 mile plus cycle rides (along the Crinan canal and back, then to Kilmartin Glen and back.) Some thought of taking a ferry to Mull, cycling from Craignure to Fishnish, getting the ferry to Lochaline in Arndnamurchan and then cycling back to the Corran Ferry just south of Fort William for a pick up (a cycle of around 40 miles) but this is foundering on my need to be in Oban for the early ferry.

I've had scallops in Oban (from the green shed on the pier) a meal and a big take away from the Oyster Bar at Loch Fyne, too much Kir, and too much tablet. Bute was fun, and Mount Stuart a hoot (a high Catholic stately home, with arts and crafts deco and more red sandstone than a Glasgow street.

I've been catching up on some of the books I bought for the holiday - top pick "Vellum" by Hal "I knew him before he found his H" Duncan, which is being hyped to the skies and is worth every ounce of hyperbole (if this doesn't win every "Best First Novel"prize it's eligible for, I'll be dispapointed but not surprised) and Orwell's collected Essays, in a very handsome and very heavy Everyman hardback. Also enjoying Elmore Leonard's new one, The Hot Kid, and an old favourite "When the Sacred Ginmill Closes" by Lawrence Block.

Staying up late tonight to watch Charlie Sheen take a long time to meet Marlon Brando, and to drink some whisky.



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