Oct. 21st, 2005

Blonde222 asked me a very interesting question, which was what is my motivation for the sudden fitness craze. In the past I've always had a definite objective: usually to reach such and such a weight in a certain time. That's sometimes worked, and sometimes failed - I usually lose some weight, but eventually put it back on again.

The reasons for losing weight are health driven more than vanity (well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?) I’m relatively tall, and no matter how heavy I’ve gotten in the past tend to come across as, I think husky is possibly the mot juste, rather than fat.

But a year ago I was diagnosed with type two diabetes, and the marginally high blood pressure which I’ve always had became a serious issue (the two do not play well together) and I got shoved on some medication – for the blood pressure, not the diabetes. Combined with a history of strokes and heart disease in my two grandfathers, losing weight seems like a good idea.

This time my tack was a bit different. I started playing badminton again (which isn’t exercise, because I enjoy it) and noticed that I felt a little unfit, a little stiff, and definitely too slow. Pushing myself in games helped a little, but also showed up my limitations more, so I decided I would go back to the gym (I used to play badminton about three times a week for three hours and weight train twice a week. I was fitter then, and slimmer too). And I’m actually enjoying the gym. At the moment I’m still at the stage where I’m trying to build it into a habit, but we’ll see how it goes after a month or so….

Excuse me, I'm popping off to the gym now.



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