Well, as predicted I didn't lose as much weight this week as last - three pounds, to be exact. That's still a lot better than my target of a pound a week, so no cause for too much worry.

I think I established last week that breaking my routine at the weekends doesn't work - I didn't actually put anything on, but the momentum of weight loss was completely broken. This weekend I've tried to keep exercise as part of the mix - yesterday I put in about a half hour at  a friend's gym, cycled too and from [livejournal.com profile] zantic 's birthday bash last night, and today I'll give Merlin a proper walk of a couple of miles at least.

I'm going to be a wee bit out of my routine this week. [livejournal.com profile] unblinkered  doesn't get back until Wednesday, so I need to walk Merlin in the morning and be back to walk him not too long after five. That means no gym in the morning, or straight from work. I'll try to get round that by walking him for half an hour in the morning, and maybe going back out to the gym in the evening, and maybe fitting in a lunch time gym session. That does mean I probably should go to the gym this afternoon. In fact, I'll do just that - I can pick up my shopping at the same time.

OK, enough talking, time to do.
Yup, I made it to the gym this morning. Not easily - the half bottle of red and a marginally late night left me a bit woozy this morning. I did get there, though, and did about 360 calories. Eating today has been good, so, assuming I get to bed early tonight, I'm off to an ok start to week 2.
Well, in terms of weight lost I've met my targets - down from 105 to 102 kilos in a week. As I've said, I don't expect that rate to be continued, but the funny thing is that I'm disappointed: I weighed the same on Sunday morning as I did on Friday. Which is nonsense - for one thing, I shouldn't be losing anything in two days anyway, and for another I ate terribly on Friday and Saturday. And drank a lot.

I'm not sure that letting loose at the weekend is going to work for me - I wasn't very good at moderation when Scotch Malt Whisky Society malts and hand-cut chips were on offer. I didn't get much exercise either - the weather has been terrible this weekend.

So - good start, let's keep it up and see how next week goes. I think I'll put off weighing myself until next Sunday morning, or at least, I'll stop posting it!
Actually, it's not that bad at all. I fenced last night, after being to the gym in the morning and walking for two miles at lunchtime, and it went quite well - I beat the people I thought I would, and held my own against much better fencers (I also had my first 0-5 defeat in quite a bit, but OTOH I doled out a 5-0 myself, so, swings, roundabouts). 
I'm now seriously considering a Watchmen smiley-face mask for 2009.

 I was a bit twingey this morning (at some point I will have an extended whinge about my bad back, but suffice to say that the recurrence of lower back pain was one of my triggers for losing weight: does not want!). Since I was at the pub (one pint of soda and lime) and didn't get back until almost ten, I stayed up a bit late and also ate late (if healthily). As a result tt was a three snooze morning, so I didn't get to the gym until almost 7.30. I still managed to get a week's best 405 calories on the cross trainer. I'm fairly sure that most of the variation is down to using different machines, since my heart rate has been fairly constantly between 150-160 BPM.

So, unless I get a walk this lunchtime, that's pretty much it for exercise this week. Tonight I'm off to the Vaults (HQ of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society) and then I'll have a lazy day in Edinburgh tomorrow. My goal is not to put on any weight over the weekend, rather than lose any, and then to have a Week One Weigh-In on Monday morning.

I sneaked in an extra gym session on my way home last night, so I burned around 850 calories yesterday. I also kept to healthy eating (including a quick and tasty pasta dish whipped up by [livejournal.com profile] unblinkered in 15 minutes when I crawled back into the flat) so Tuesday counts as a win. I'm looking at the scales already, which is stupid since I know I should only weigh in once a week. I was down on my calorie count on the cross trainer this morning (364 in 30 minutes) but I did manage to get up and out without too much fuss, and even had time for five minutes in the jacuzzi.
Got to the gym about 5 minutes earlier, and realised that the music videos are on a loop. Boo! Seeded my iPod genius play-list with the Ting Tings, and got a half hour of good exercise in - 389 calories without pushing it. This schedule is getting me into work half an hour early too, which is also to the good. Must resist impulse to stay in bed for another half hour, since those 30 minutes would mostly disapear into extra commuting time.

Oh, and since gas prices are coming down, not going up,  I need a new exercise user pic. Maybe Jayne working out...

Day One

Jan. 5th, 2009 10:25 am
I’ve set my weight-loss target at a pound a week, or a kilo a fortnight, and the strategy is to try to mostly balance out my breakfast and lunch calories with exercise, and then have something with a healthy GI for dinner. Alcohol is out Monday to Thursday, and reduced elsewhen. Chocolate, cakes and crisps are off the menu.

I managed to get into the gym just before 7.00 this morning, and clocked up 363 calories in half an hour on the cross trainer. That’s about 10% down on what I was burning in November, but not bad for a first day back. I was using the high heart rate warning (over 160 b.pm.) to set my pace, so as I get fitter I should be able to push harder. That’s how it’s worked in the past, anyway.

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of porridge (about 180 calories) and lunch will be soup (about 350 calories) and a wholemeal pitta (no idea). That probably puts me around 600-700 calories, and I’ll be snacking on bananas. I think that 400-500 calories is about as much as I’ll burn in one session in the gym, so I might throw in a couple of double sessions this week. Tomorrow I’ll either do that or go to badminton after work, and I’ll be at fencing on Thursday.

Hmm, just realised that as long as the weather is OK I can add in a walk at lunchtime – 20 minutes will add on about 70 calories or so, and I won’t be eating while I walk.

Weekends are going to be more tricky, but I can do longer walks with Merlin, and if the weather is fine I can get the bikes out.



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